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Providing bespoke Cyber Security consultancy to organisations of all sizes. Experience gathered from UK Government and leading in-house Enterprise Security teams. We understand how 'world-class' meets 'real-world'.

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About Us

Shane M

Shane Mallia
Principal Consultant & Founder

Shane brings a mix of leadership, vision and consultancy skills fused with hands-on technical knowledge. He is outcome driven, and strives to provide actionable advice to tangibly improve security in your organisation. In recent years, Shane has been focusing on Zero Trust architectures to support FTSE100's & Government with enterprise strategy, secure collaboration improvements and tech leadership of enterprise security projects.

UK Government

Our Background
Ten years in Government Security & leading a Global Enterprise Security team.

Our experiences have been drawn from ten years in UK Government, leading security architecture advice & guidance engagements across a wide range of high-profile clients. We also have experience leading a global Enterprise Security team. This helps round off 'world-class' security knowledge with understanding the day-to-day 'real-world' challenges in an IT department - resulting in achievable, threat-led advice.

Bristol Templemeads

Based in Bristol
Close to Cheltenham, Gloucester, Cardiff, Bath, Swindon and Reading

Bristol (and the West Country in general) hosts a range of Defence, Fintech, Manufacturing and Technology startups companies - and is an ideal location for A2g Cyber. The majority of our delivery can be provided remotely, but we also can attend in-person where beneficial - for example hosting workshops.

How can we help?

A2g Cyber can support your organisation with a range of cyber security advice and guidance. Read on for some examples, and please do reach out if you are looking for something different.

CISO Advisory

Offering a 'sounding board' for a CISO, or Head of IT, to have regular sessions with. Our breadth of experiences across multiple industries and sectors can support your decision making. Our actionable approach can help you make better use of already stretched resources in your team and wider IT.

Enterprise Security Strategy

Organisations often have unused technology, overlapping capability, unsolved challenges and quick wins to be had. We are driven by making better use of existing investments, whilst looking to achieve frictionless security. Our approach is to work with your teams to get a good understanding of your as-is and future aspirations.

Identity and Secure Remote Working

Specialising in Zero Trust implementations, Microsoft Azure AD, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Office 365. We have been in the driving seat to roll out MFA and Zero Trust architectures at scale in organisations. We have also solved complex B2B external collaboration challenges, across on-premise and cloud-based identities.

Security Architecture Design Reviews

Independent security architecture reviews of products or services summarised into an easy-to-understand report with prioritised recommendations. We understand security from the fundamentals, helping us apply knowledge and principals to highly complex designs

Security Monitoring

A2g Cyber has had experience advising a range of organisations on how to improve their security monitoring capability. From logging advice (experience gained from founding the NCSC Logging Made Easy project), to supporting security engineering work to automate SOC activities.

... and more

Looking for something not covered? Why not contact us and see if we can tailor to your requirements? If we cannot fully meet your needs, there may be a company/individual in our extensive network of security and technology professionals that could!

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